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Japanese tea at Ocharaka

Adding Stephane’s sommelier’s finesse to highlight Japanese green tea and create new fusions that enhance ones “eyes, nose and mouth” to embody full enjoyment of deep flavors while using a sommelier’s approach to wine to that of tea to send to the world a new refined and enjoyable beverage.
As written in The Japan Times, “Danton wants to bring to consumers not only the finished product but the process involved as well, giving faces to the farmers and voices to their tales.”

Danton Stephane

Stephane originally hails from Lyon, France; he is a qualified sommelier, who came to Japan in 1992, first working in the bridal industry as a consultant for bridal banquets, where he developed an inspiration to create a refined non-alcoholic beverage that could be paired with various delicious and special foods. Thus turning this inspiration into reality he established the tea shop, Ocharaka, in 2005. He was asked to be a representative at the Japan Pavilion for the 2008 World Expo held in Zaragoza, Spain to showcase an offering of his full-bodied Japanese teas and also in the summer of 2011 is being featured as a Japanophile on the NHK World TV program, Begin Japanology.

Ocharaka’s tea

  • Green tea Flavor
  • Rost Green Tea
  • Japanese Black Tea
  • Traditional Tea

How to Order. Ocharaka is able from today to send our tea all around the world.


Choose your tea, the quantity need, and just send us a contact form.
A quick response will be return to you with an pre-invoice by Japanese Yens,
you will be please to check about it.
After your confirmation, an PayPal invoice will be send to you.


Your payement have to be pay by Paypal*. After the confirmation of the payement, the tea have to be send to you
by Japan Post Office (by the EMS service) * For other kind of payement an agreement will be propose,


We already use EMS, who is a postal service very safe,
useful and convenient for all parts of the world.

Will take around 3 to 7 days to be deliver to you.

The EMS price have to be as bellow* :
The price bellow will be by Japanese Yens (¥)

For more heavy weight we will use another postal service.
We will check for your approbation and processing the order.

How to Prepare. How to drink flavor tea deliciously.

  • Cold-brewed tea. To make a cold-brew tea (All kinds of tea).
  • Hot tea. To make a hot  tea (Japanese tea).

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